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Oxford South African Illustrated School Dictionary - Grades 3 - 7

Oxford South African Illustrated School Dictionary - Grades 3 - 7
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Exceptionally clear and easy to use, this dictionary offers excellent support for primary school learners from Grade 3 up to Grade 7. This dictionary also provides study pages with useful activities and tables of information ready for the teacher to use in class. A Workbook with activities and games to practice - a range of dictionary skills is also available. ISBN 978 0 19 598593 1 - Available soon. Features Easy definitions for over 5000 words Everyday words and essential vocabulary for school subjects Example sentences in almost every entry Clear pictures supporting many definitions Well-spaced layout that makes it easy to find words Easy pronunciation guides Excellent curriculum support A section of extra information with a min-grammar and activities to help teachers to build learners' skills and integrate the dictionary into their teaching.






Oxford University Press


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