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Barbie: Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends (DVD)

Barbie: Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends (DVD)
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Elina knows that its difficult feeling like you don't belong, so when Bibble decides not to visit a friend for fear of not fitting in, Elina relates the story of a butterfly fairy named Mariposa who loves to read and dream about the stars and the worlds beyond her land, but never quite feels like she fits in with her fellow fairies. Flutterfield was once a land of frightened fairies forced to hide in darkness from the monster-like Skeezites who devour butterfly fairies, but is now ruled by kind Queen Marabella who protects her land with glowing flowers. When a power-hungry fairy named Henna poisons the Queen in hopes of stealing the throne, it falls to Mariposa to venture outside Flutterfield to find the antidote to the poison and save the Queen. With some unlikely help from her attitude-laden employers Rayna and Rayla as well as her friend Willa and a little bunny fairy named Zinzie, Mariposa must bravely confront her own self-doubt as well as the Skeezites and other dangers in order to save Flutterfield and its Queen. Along the way, Mariposa learns that the best thing a fairy can be is oneself. This fourth Barbie Fairytopia adventure has all the visual appeal and wonder of the previous Fairytopia DVD's with a nice message about liking oneself.




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