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Essential Fitness: Bob Harper-Totally Ripped Core (DVD)

Essential Fitness: Bob Harper-Totally Ripped Core (DVD)
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More than just curls and crunches, these workouts feature a huge variety of diverse exercises. You'll trim your waistline.. by strengthening all the muscles that flex, extend, rotate and stabilize your torso. The moves are constantly changing, but always core focused. Sometimes, Bob utilizes ab-specific moves like planks,windmills and torso twists. Other times, he uses "lower body" exercises that contain a strong core element (e.g. dead lifts and plosquarts). For even more variety, he also modifies tempos,creates unique exercise progressions and even intergrates short "Cario bursts" (which help raise your heart rate). WORKOUT 1 Totally Ripped Core, WORKOUT 2 Ripped Core Quick Bonus




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