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Disney Infinity 2.0: Toy Box Combo Pack (PS3)

Disney Infinity 2.0: Toy Box Combo Pack (PS3)
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The Disney Infinity 2.0: Toy Box Combo Pack gives Disney fans the chance to experience the new and improved 2.0 Toy Box, set in the wonderful world of Disney.

Players can create unique stories featuring Combo Pack characters Merida and Stitch, utilize newly announced Disney and Marvel characters, as well as bring all of their existing characters from Disney Infinity into the 2.0 Toy Box. The Disney Infinity 2.0 Video Game Software that is included in your Toy Box Combo Pack is compatible with all Disney Infinity content, including Marvel Play sets, figures and Power Discs. With it, fans new and old can experience the most popular mode of Disney Infinity, the Toy Box, unlock Disney-themed content and can elect to purchase additional figures and Play sets separately.




Playstation 3




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