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Genius LuxePad A120

Genius LuxePad A120
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LuxePad A120 is the first new wired Android Tablet PC keyboard and protective case combo from Genius that brings you more convenience when using your Android Tablet. LuxePad A120 features a multi-functional protective leather cover with an adjustable slider for use with 7 ~ 8” Android Tablet PCs. With the wired keyboard connected to your Tablet PC, it functions as a small workstation so you can work with your Tablet PC anywhere. The micro USB connector fits perfectly with most Android Tablets, so you can instantly connect the keyboard, anywhere, anytime. Manage your Android Tablet PC easier with 10 specific keys, play/pause music, turn up/turn down the volume, lock the screen, open e-mail folder, etc. These specific keys are designed specifically for handling your media, Internet and setting options. With LuxePad A120, you type and work easier while protecting your tablet on-the-go.








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