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Great Value Gel Pens, 24 Piece (Assorted)

Great Value Gel Pens, 24 Piece (Assorted)
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Great Value

A quality product brought to you by CNA !


CNA Have put together the best possible combination of quality and affordability in every Great Value product.

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD -  small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years. This product contains sharp

edges/points and is not suitable for play by children. Adult supervision is recommended


  • 24 Piece
  • Assorted Colours




Product Type

Gel Pens




Great Value


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Was super-excited to purchase 2packs at R109. My learners got 2 each to start them off in their interactive notebooks. Sadly, a number of the pens were low on ink and a few had cracks in the plastic tubing with one set of two being returned to me having curiously bent into a curve and therefore not usable. Do improve quality in future. :: CNA :: CNA