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Help Your Kids with Maths (Paperback )

Help Your Kids with Maths (Paperback )
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This is a simple, visual guide to helping children understand maths with Carol Vorderman. Reduce the stress of studying maths and help your child with their homework, following Help Your Kids with Maths a unique visual guide which will demystify the subject for everyone. Updated to include the latest changes to the UK National Curriculum and with additional content on roman numerals, time, fractions and times tables, Help Your Kids with Maths helps you solve maths problems step-by-step. Using clear, accessible pictures and diagrams - and covering everything from basic numeracy to more challenging subjects like statistics and algebra - you'll learn to approach even the most complex maths problems with confidence. It includes a glossary of key maths terms and symbols. Help Your Kids with Maths (previous ISBN 9781405322461) is the perfect guide for every frustrated parent and desperate child, who wants to understand maths and put it into practise.




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