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Oxford South African Concise Dictionary 2 edition

Oxford South African Concise Dictionary 2 edition
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Because of its exceptional clarity, accuracy, and ease of use, this dictionary is the acknowledged authority on South African and general English for study, professional use, and at home. Giving particular support on many questions of usage and grammar, and now containing a unique encyclopedic reference section, it is the most up-to-date South African English dictionary available. Features An updated edition of South Africa's most comprehensive reference dictionary, ideal for use by high school and tertiary students, as well as libraries, families and businesses. Unique South African content (headwords, usage notes, definitions, pronunciations), updated to include new curriculum and new general words. Easy to understand etymologies for all root words (key in new curriculum). Useful encyclopaedic middle/extra matter for South Africa, e.g. history of SA English, SA presidents and prime ministers, Some SA national and provincial statistics, SA languages, etc. Over 200,000 entries, including hundreds of new words and terms. Around 2,000 South African words authoritatively explained. Exceptionally clear definitions using straightforward English. Tricky points of grammar and usage made clear, with offensive words signposted.






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