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Leapster Explorer Learning Game: Hello Kitty Sweet Little Shops (Leapster Explorer)

Leapster Explorer Learning Game: Hello Kitty Sweet Little Shops (Leapster Explorer)
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Help Hello Kitty keep the Sweet Little Shops running smoothly with the Leapster Explorer Hello Kitty: Sweet Little Shops Learning Game! Your child can discover new mathematical challenges; fun games and friends in every shop. Kids play five mini-games; solve 40 themed quests; progress through three levels of math-market fun and serve smiles and happy customers every day with Hello Kitty! Works with LeapPad Ultra; LeapPad2; LeapPad1; LeapsterGS Explorer and Leapster Explorer (sold separately). As children move from one shop to another; they play math games to complete quests to unlock all five themed days. They get busy filling orders; using charts; estimating the right-size goody packages and catching the correct ingredients to make tasty treats. Your little math whiz will use estimation skills to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar and create a chart to figure out the favorite flavor of the day. Children earn stickers and even put a Hello Kitty twist on the photos they take with the built-in camera on LeapPad learning tablets and LeapsterGS. Every level is a new day packed full of fun and reward; and with up to 10 themed quests; there's always something new to learn and discover! Core skills taught include tables; charts and graphs; estimation; number sense; and sorting and classifying. Hello Kitty provides a curriculum rich in math-related subjects that explore the estimation of both quantity and space. New concepts are presented in ways familiar to children so that they can generalize their game experiences to the real world. An estimation task asks children to estimate how many jelly beans are in a jar and a chart exercise has children interpret various types of charts and fill the appropriate number of items through a fun play pattern.10 themed quests in each day help your child learn and discover in six different shopsFive mini games; include filling orders; estimating package sizes; catching the proper ingredients; sorting items and searching for the correct number of itemsYour little one can use math and reasoning skills to keep customers happyServe up to 40 guests in three levels; count jelly beans and earn stickers to decorate photosTeaches tables; charts and graphs: The ability to use graphical representation; such as tables; graphs; charts and grids; is important in solving and enjoying real-life math problemsTeaches estimation: Children use their knowledge of numbers and quantities to make reasonable guesses about "how many" and "how much" without countingTeaches early number sense: Children learn to count and compare sets of objects as well as identify numerals as standing for specific quantitiesTeaches sorting and classifying: Sorting and classifying objects based on size; function or weight involves logical reasoning skills essential for learningWorks with LeapPad2; LeapPad1; LeapsterGS Explorer and Leapster Explorer (sold separately)






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