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Mission To South Africa, Diary Of A Revolution: Robin Renwick (Paperback)

Mission To South Africa, Diary Of A Revolution: Robin Renwick (Paperback)
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An insider's blow-by-blow account of the release of Nelson Mandela and dismantling of apartheid by the ambassador who was in the midst of these events. Appointed to South Africa as Margaret Thatcher's envoy, Lord Renwick became a personal friend of Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk and Mangosuthu Buthelezi, acting as a trusted intermediary between them. He describes meetings with PW Botha, warning him against military attacks on neighbouring countries and arguing for the lives of the Sharpeville Six, as ‘like visiting Hitler in his bunker'. He persuaded Margaret Thatcher to descend on Windhoek in support of the Namibia agreement. His close relationship with FW de Klerk helped him to get international support for his reforms. On the eve of his epoch-making speech to Parliament of 2 February 1990, De Klerk told him: ‘You can tell your Prime Minister she will not be disappointed'.








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