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Moonlight Becomes You: Mary Higgins Clark (Paperback)

Moonlight Becomes You: Mary Higgins Clark (Paperback)
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Higgins Clark, "America's Queen of Suspense, " delivers a tale of brilliantly sustained terror. Set in Newport, Rhode Island, in a world of old money and proud names, "Moonlight Becomes You" has at its center Maggie Holloway, an independent young woman who has put personal tragedy behind her and become one of the fashion world's most successful photographers. Accompanying her date to a party in Manhattan -- a kind of family reunion for the Moore clan of Newport -- Maggie is reunited with a woman who had once been her stepmother and who remains one of her fondest childhood memories. wrong. her closer and With a sense of swiftly mounting danger, and with the skill and insight into human nature that have made all Mary Higgins Clark's books major bestsellers, "Moonlight Becomes You" is enthralling suspense.








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