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Mulan 2: The Legend Continues (DVD)

Mulan 2: The Legend Continues (DVD)
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The beautiful and courageous heroine is back along with her hilarious guardian dragon Mushu and some great new friends for more fun in the spectacular sequel to Disney's original classic. The spirited Mulan gets the thrill of her life when General Shang asks for her hand in marriage, but the surprises are just beginning. Throwing a wrench into their plans is the mischievous Mushu, who tries to keep the happy couple apart as long as possible in order to retain his job as her guardian dragon. Adding to their adventure is the fact that Mulan and Shang must escort three princesses across China to their own arranged marriages. When she discovers that these three women aren't looking forward to their upcoming weddings, Mulan makes a bold decision that will change the course of history!






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