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5 Back to school tips for parents

After a long holiday, routines go straight out the window, right? To get you back into the swing of things, here are five helpful tips to prepare your kids for the new school term.


Adjust their sleep schedule ahead of time

Start preparing your kids for those early mornings by waking them up earlier each morning during the week before the start of the new term. By the time they have to go to school, the habit of getting up early will come more naturally.

Stock up on school supplies

It’s 8pm and you are freaking out because you’ve run out of school supplies for your kids’ projects – and they are all due the next day. Do you know that feeling? Avoid those night-before freak-outs by stocking up on markers, highlighters, glue stick, colouring pencils, and paper for the new term at your nearest CNA store. Check out our stationery section on

Organise the study area

Clean up the study area and re-evaluate your filing system. Use a filing folder with colour tabs for each subject, so your kids can simply slot in their notes – this makes it easier to keep track of projects. Start getting your kids in the habit of studying and doing homework at the same time every day, as well as using study guides for assistance. Check out our awesome study guides on

Ready, set, breakfast

Clear out all the naughty holiday food, and buy brain food instead to get thoe minds active again! Prepare a nutritious breakfast for your kids in the morning to keep the energy levels going during the day. Have a look at our range of recipe books for kids for some inspiration.

Have a checklist

Avoid the stresses of the morning by laying out the kids’ clothes the night before. Have a checklist for your morning routine, and make sure your kids help organise their own backpacks – encourage them to pack in their lunch boxes and books before you leave the house. Check out CNA’s free printable checklist below.

Click here: Morning checklist.


Megan Moos