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Back to school tips for parents

After a frantic few weeks of prepping for back to school, parents finally have time to take a breath (but not quite) – remember that there are still three more terms ahead! Here is an A-Z guide on how to manage your child’s schooling for the rest of the year.


Always plan ahead

Draw up a schedule for all after school activities, tests and school meetings.

Be a tech savvy parent

Educational apps can assist with reading and writing, and they make learning fun!


Be aware of your tone of voice when talking with your children.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Speak to teachers on how to make homework easier with study guides, or get a tutor to assist after school.

Embrace the organiser in you

Avoid stressful mornings by teaching your children how to put out their school uniforms and pack their backpacks the night before.

Focus on different meanings of success

Emphasise that improving marks and developing skills is also seen as success.

Goal setting

Help your children to focus their attention on assignments by setting goals. Break big projects down into manageable tasks.


Create a homework-friendly area with stationery supplies and schedule a set time to do it.


Have an inbox where your children can leave school announcements, circulars and homework diaries that need your attention.

Just have fun!

Take time out to play some games with your children.

Keep after school activities to a minimum

Allow the same time for sports, homework and playing with friends to avoid over scheduling.

Lunch boxes

Pack lunch boxes the night before and prepare a weekly schedule with lunch options.

Make reading fun

Reading the back of a cereal box aids with reading skills.

Never do your child’s homework

Provide guidance, not answers, when your children ask for assistance with homework.

Organise play dates

If your child is struggling to make friends at school, organise one-on-one play dates over the weekend.


Reward systems are positive reinforcements, e.g. well done stickers. Once they collect 10 stickers, reward them with a treat.

Quiet time

When the school year stresses you out, take some quiet time by reading a book or watching a movie.

Re-emphasise safety

Create a code word between you and your child or anybody else fetching them from school.

Stick to rules

Set-up rules about weekday and weekend bedtimes and when to use technology.

Talk, talk… and talk

Take time out and discuss the school day, fears and concerns to encourage your children.


Keep an open line of communication with teachers to discuss any learning or behavioural issues.

Value school

Teach your child to value school by making connections from what they learn at school to what happens in everyday life.

Washing away laundry blues

Organise a separate laundry basket for school clothes and sports gear.

Explaining mistakes as opportunities

Share anecdotes of when you “failed” as a child, what you did to overcome it and what you learned from it.

You are only human

Parenting can be challenging, so know this: “Your best is good enough!”


Ensure your children get a good night’s sleep by removing tablets, cellphones and computers from the bedroom.


Megan Moos