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Being smart about your phone

There are so many smartphones to choose from and they come in all shapes and sizes. If choosing seems difficult, it helps to put certain things in perspective.


Nowadays, most smartphones offer the same core functionality. Take the Samsung Galaxy J1, which costs 1449.90. With it you get all the tools you’d expect from a smartphone! If you purchase a more expensive phone, like the Samsung Grand Neo Plus for 2499.90, you get all the same functionalities with a bigger screen and better camera.

Simply put, stick to a known brand and you’re guaranteed the same base quality product across the spectrum, but with tweaked functions like the camera, memory or faster processor speed, depending on how deep your pockets are.

As far as operating systems go, all of them run the same common apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. So different phones can all communicate with each other without any hiccups. In our example above, both Samsung phones run Android, which is the most widespread operating system.

And if all you really do is call people and send text messages, you can still pick up a good old, reliable, regular and above all cheap cellphone like the Nokia 105.


Johan Charlier