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Décor tips for winter

Winter is upon us; although the weather outside is icy, you can warm up your home with these chic and cosy décor ideas.


A pop of colour

The best way to banish the winter blues is with some colour. Introduce shades of green, warm yellows, reds, and dark blues that will add a welcoming touch to any room. Some multicoloured throws, a few boldly embellished pillows, and a bouquet of fresh flowers will instantly transform any room. Consider choosing one room in your house, and paint it your favourite colour; this way you’ll never have to think about grey clouds again! If painting seems like too much work, displaying some DIY artwork on the wall is also a great way to brighten up the space.

Rearrange the furniture

Focus your attention on creating a sense of warmth indoors by rearranging your furniture in the lounge to create a more intimate space. If you have a wooden floor, covering it with a fluffy carpet could also provide some extra warmth and cosiness.

Dress your home with accessories

Inject a shot of life into a neutral space with a few carefully chosen accessories; the room will go from bland to fabulous. A thick rug beside your bed will invite you to take off your shoes and get comfortable on a lazy day. To capture more natural light during winter’s shorter days, hang some big mirrors on the wall.

Let Mother Nature do the talking

Look to Mother Nature for some winter chic inspiration. Display shells or rocks inside a transparent jar against a backdrop of darker wooden furniture. Place a selection of big, textured leaves in different-sized vases to be used as a bookshelf display or a table centrepiece. These decorations will look particularly vivid against a white wall.

Personalise your space

Mementos are a great way to spice up your space and give it a touch of character. Family keepsakes have great stories to tell; special moments can be displayed by creating a gallery wall with your photo frames. Create a cosy reading nook with a comfy chair and soft blanket to read your favourite magazines or books on a nippy Sunday afternoon. For those extra cold nights, light a scented candle to create some ambience in your bedroom, and enjoy a hot chocolate in your pyjamas.

Whether you prefer to get lost in a book, spend time doing puzzles and crosswords or watch your favourite movie for the umpteenth time, these tips will leave you feeling cheery and warm in your home all season long. So, take the chill out of this winter, and spice up your home with these sizzling décor ideas.

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Megan Moos