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Excellent coverage, excellent phone

Cellphones, as unbelievably powerful as they’ve become, they’re only ever as good as the coverage offered by your service provider of choice! Fortunately, we live in a superbly well-connected world where bad reception is the exception and not the norm. Most providers offer a wide range of phones from brands like Samsung and Nokia. Let’s look at one phone per provider today.




Our pick in Vodacom’s selection of phones is the Samsung Galaxy J1. This Android phone sports a 4.3-inch screen and has a front and back facing camera. The J1 is your perfect all-rounder for selfies, browsing and on-the-go gaming at an affordable price.


For MTN, be on the lookout for the Nokia Lumia 435. At 4 inches and sharply priced, the Lumia 435 is a Windows phone that fits snuggly in your pocket. All your favourite apps like OneDrive or WhatsApp can be downloaded. And with Windows 10 soon to be released for Windows phones, your phone will be future proof.

For more great cellphone deals, check out the complete selection of phones to choose from – for both service providers in our cellphones category on and handpick the phone that will best suit your lifestyle!


Johan Charlier