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Indoor activities for kids

With the colder days approaching, this only means one thing if you’re a parent… finding alternative ways to keep your kids busy.

At CNA, we understand that your kids want to do something other than just reading. So, we’ve found some cool indoor activities for mom, dad, and the kids to enjoy!


Let’s try camping indoors

If you have a tent that has not been in use for a while, we’ve got a really cool idea for you to try out! Find an open space, whether in the lounge or the entertainment area, and set up your tent with a little table for treats. Make it feel cosy with some blankets and pillows, whip out your flashlights, and make this an authentic experience.

Never bored, only board games

Stimulate your kids’ minds with our wide range of board games available online and in store. Invite your kids’ friends over, along with their favourite board games, and encourage them to learn new things.

Doing the colour walk

It’s like Twister, but with a twist. Instead of contorting your body, simply gather sheets of colour paper and lay them randomly around the house. Tape down the pages with masking tape or cellotape to avoid slipping. Start the game by having the kids move their way through the house, stepping on a specific colour at a time. Tons of fun for everyone!

Play by coordination

Even with all the fun and games, there is always an opportunity to learn. Create a colouring-in contest, with the aim to finish the picture, rather than being rewarded for having the best picture. If it’s a large group of kids, split them into groups and allocate a specific colour to each group.

For a range of board games, educational toys, kids’ laptops, musical instruments, and more check out a CNA near you!

Home-made kids’ paint

So, your kids have asked: “What can we do? We are so bored!” Why not get them to help you make home-made paint?

You will need:

¾ cup of flour

Food colouring





Mix the flour with some warm water and stir together until smooth. Add the food colouring to create the desired light or dark tones your kids need. Put the mixture in easy-to-use containers, and use by squirting it onto paper or even as finger paint.

NB: This paint can unfortunately not be stored, so only make enough to use for the day.

Not much time to make your own paint? Check out CNA for a selection of paints.


All these activities are easy, accessible, and fun, so bring on the cold!


                                                                                                                                      Martine Hendricks