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Must-have electronics for kids

We live in a world where everything is digital. From the way we get our daily news and our books to general communication – everything is now handheld and convenient.

With our kids being just as advanced as we are when it comes to technology, and being exposed to any and all electronic devices, it is often hard to keep them safe in the digital sphere. The great thing is that we as parents can control what they see and listen to, just by being alert, involved and most importantly, educated on the digital front.


Books are fantastic; the fresh smell of a newly bought book or an old one from a library gives you a sense of inspiration. But all of this has changed since the inception of e-books, which allow readers to download books for themselves and their kids too. Whether fiction, study guides or other learning material; all these genres are available as soon as you need them. It’s quick, easy and literally in the palm of your hands.

Thinking of getting some hi-tech items to educate and develop your kids? Check out CNA for these:

Laptops: These help with research for various school projects and the collating all the data. All this information can be saved and used when you next need it – the best thing about it… there’s no need to go to an internet cafe at 8pm. WIN!

Tablets: Give your kids a space to store all their digital books, music, and games for leisure time. It is a compact and safe way to keep all their stuff in one place.

The digital world can be a scary place, but educating our kids can create a place of learning and fun.

Martine Hendricks