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Must-have electronics

With the New Year approaching, pressing ‘refresh’ on your electronic and communication devices is not a bad idea. With CNA’s range of PCs, cellphones, tablets and storage devices, you’ll be good to go in 2016.




Storing valuable work information and treasured personal items (such as photos and videos) off your computer or cellphone is vital these days. Lost data is everyone’s worst nightmare, whether through theft or computer disasters; so invest in an external hard drive to back up all your precious digital goodies. CNA has a selection of Western Digital hard drives available in a range of capacities starting from R699.90. For smaller storage devices, invest in a few Adata flash drives that are portable and handy for sharing.

Getting around

CNA’s range of GPS devices means you won’t lose your head when you lose your way… not that you will with the TomTom Go 40 GPS (R2 099.90). Features include a 4.3-inch widescreen and live services, as well as traffic updates via smartphones, and an integrated mounting system. Also available are the TomTom Via 130 GPS (R1 599.90), TomTom Start 25 GPS (R1 499.90) and TomTom Start 40 GPS (R1 699.90).

Home office set-ups

For the latest in touchscreen laptop convenience, check out the Lenovo Yoga 300 Celeron Touch Screen Laptop (R5 999.90) – it simply takes smart and slim to a new level.

Visit our electronics section for more laptops and accessories from CNA. For on the spot home office printing, the Canon MG 3-in-1 printer delivers, and you’ll always be able to stock up on cartridges and paper (high-gloss included) at CNA too.

At CNA, you’ll also find a cellphone and tablet to suit you (take a look at the Hurricane and Verssed ranges if you’re looking for a ‘starter’ tablet); earphones; chargers (look for the Whizzy Double USB car charger) and wireless keyboards.

Check out our electronics and happy online shopping!


Wendy Maritz