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Never ask for directions again

Affordable portable GPS systems have been around since the early 2000s; they have become increasingly powerful and user-friendly. The technology has become such a part of everyday life that even the most basic smartphones have a navigation system built into them. However, for the best navigation experience, nothing beats a stand-alone GPS device. This is why you should get your very own.


Bigger screen, clearer routes

A GPS screen is optimised to provide you with precise and easy-to-follow instructions. The layout is very clear to read, and the information on display is well organised. The look and feel of the maps is also very pleasing to the eye, with important landmarks on your way being rendered in full 3D. This facilitates navigation and minimises confusion, as what you see on the screen is what is actually on the road.

Firmware and map updates

It is incredibly easy to keep your GPS up to date, as all manufacturers offer free firmware updates. These will improve anything from menus to the speed at which a satellite is found. You won’t have to do much more than connect your GPS to your computer in order to update it; the same applies to your maps. So, make sure to update them regularly in order to get the most accurate routes possible. And don’t miss out on things like traffic information and speed trap locations, which are either bundled with the maps or can be downloaded onto your device.

Choice of words

GPS systems do not only tell you when to turn, but also which road you are turning onto. They also provide additional information with comprehensive voice guidance when needed – sometimes even in the voice of a celebrity, if you feel so inclined.

Bells and whistles

Much like with smartphones and computers, you’ve got a choice of entry-level, mid-range, and high-end GPS systems. Although they all have the same basic function, the high-end ones come packed with more base content. You could get anything from a world map to add-ons like Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration or simply bigger and better screens.

Regardless of which GPS you choose, having all this easily accessible information on a device in your vehicle will allow you to enjoy a safer and easier driving experience.

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Johan Charlier