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Plan the perfect Sofia party

As mom to a little one and a party planner, I get really excited when parents request princess-themed parties. I mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate a birthday party with royal panache? Most little girls would love to be a princess for the day, so take inspiration from Disney favourite Sofia the First.

Sophia Princess Party

Top tips for throwing the best party for your little princess:

  • If you have a budget, decide on the number of children to invite, and plan accordingly. As a party planner, I sometimes find parents dreaming of a 10 000.00 party on a 2 000.00 But certain requirements will need more budget, so it’s important to be realistic.
  • Don’t pressurise yourself to pull off a flawless party – there really is no such thing.
  • With the amazing party décor available at CNA, keep the rest of the decorations simple and use fairly plain colours, for example, hues of purple for the tablecloths and balloons.
  • For that hint of royalty, use sprinklings of silver dust – it will add the same kind of opulence you’d get from other kinds of silver decorations (especially if you’re on a budget).
  • For a different spin on the traditional birthday cake, order or make purple and white cupcakes, and once the children have sung ‘Happy Birthday’, share these among the little royal guests.
  • Little girls love to play dress-up – so why not create a dress-up corner? Head to a wholesaler and buy small make-up kits, visit your closest second-hand store or ask friends and family for old party dresses. On the day of the party, let the children’s imaginations run wild. This will also happily take care of the entertainment.
  • Plan a colouring-in session – download and print Sofia the First colouring-in pages and create a makeshift studio stocked with studs, glitter, paint, jewellery and anything else you can think of. You could even get coloured board so the kids can make their own bejewelled crowns.
  • Add some pizzazz by gluing diamantésonto the party cups. (A sure sign that you’ve paid attention to detail.)
  • Most importantly, remember to relax and have fun!

Ulpha Edries of Exquisite Parties by Ulpha