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The Oscars 2016 in review

The 88th Annual Academy Awards is upon us and the excitement of it all is truly contagious. Movies, for most of us, is part of our make-up; they give us a feeling of nostalgia as we are transported to a time of family, love and great acting (Sometimes the acting is not that great). Let’s take a look at some of the Academy Awards nominees who make all of this possible.

We wait with baited breath to find out if Leonardo DiCaprio will get the nod for for Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Revenant. He has stunned critics with his roles over the years, and we are holding thumbs that he comes out tops in 2016. Good luck, Leo! Watch him be cool in The Great Gatsby – available now on DVD at CNA.


The Mad Max franchise has been thrilling us since 1979, directed by George Miller and starred the ever popular Mel Gibson. Let’s fast forward to 2015 when the fourth instalment was released with the South African born superstar, Charlize Theron playing the leading role.

In 2016, Mad Max: Fury Road, has been nominated for 10 Academy Awards in the listed categories:

· Cinematography

· Directing

· Best picture

· Film editing

· Production design

· Sound editing

· Sound mixing

· Visual effects

· Costume design

· Make-up and hairstyling

Now that’s fantastic!

A fan favourite nominated this year is Sylvester Stallone, for his Supporting Role in Creed. We all remember him from the days of Rambo and then Rocky, and fairly recently in Grudge Match with the other great, Robert De Niro.

Well done, Sly!

And then there’s something for the kids. Nominated for the Animated Feature Film this year, Inside Out, it’s definitely a tale for the whole family. Get your copy now!

Good luck and thank you to all the wonderful people who work tirelessly to make good movies that keep us entertained… always!

Martine Hendricks