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The Ultimate Kids’ Party Guide

As our kids get older, we want to make sure their birthday memories last forever! However, when it comes to parties, there are so many wonderful ideas to play around with that it could actually become a bit overwhelming.


Here are a few guidelines to help simplify the party planning process and make sure the event looks fabulous:

Choose a theme. This theme could be represented by a cake, a banner or chair covers.

Choose a main colour as your starting point, and use complementary shades around this as your colour palette for the party.


Once the colours and theme have been chosen, the really fun and creative side of things starts – the accessories!

Banners are a must, and CNA has some really awesome Minions and Spiderman character banners that will scream, ‘Party over here!’ It is also quite easy to create your own bunting banner by downloading one in the colour of your choice and then threading it with some twine to hang up. Voilà!


Party favours definitely get kids quite excited and are also great mementos to take home and remember the awesome time they had at the celebration. There is an endless list of cool items to use as party favours; here are some of our favourites:

All children love sweet treats, so fill mini jars with sweets matching the colour palette as a finishing touch. Have the little ones colour in their own party bags or boxes.

For some fun party favours guaranteed to make every child super happy, check out the Barbie Party Bubbles available at CNA.

Probably one of the most important aspects of the party, if not the most important, is THE CAKE. It definitely has to stand out and be the centrepiece of the event. This year, how about personalising the cake by getting the birthday boy/girl involved in making it? We have some cool recipe books for the most amazing birthday cakes; remember, you can always interpret the design to suit your own requirements.

TIP: Test out the recipe by making the cake a week before the party, then you’ll know exactly what to change or add without running into problems on the day.

CNA has the tools to make the best cake ever!

Cake Decorating

Fairy Cakes

Party Time

Perfect Cupcakes

Well, now that the party has a pretty good base, it’s all about the catering, entertainment, and final bits and bobs. If you didn’t know already, get ready for this – CNA has a complete range of Minion party items to suit your blue and yellow needs, which are oh-so fabulous indeed!

After all the ideas, planning, and arrangements, please remember to have fun, laugh a lot, and make a million memories.

Happy birthday!

Martine Hendricks