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USB speakers that pack a punch

In today’s environment of extreme portability and wireless connection, it's always awesome to have a set of portable and durable speakers for when built-in audio will just not do. The ShoX range of speakers, produced by South African-based Tevo, bridges that gap between quality and price range beautifully! Hear us out.


ShoX speakers come in all shapes and sizes, from the ultra-portable “Duo”, to the sturdier “Byte” and “Groove” or even the somewhat eccentric larger “Spin”. All of these are, of course, portable and will offer from five to eight hours of incessant playback without a hiccup.

Baring the ShoX Duo, they all support Bluetooth connectivity with a reach of 10 metres, meaning you can leave your device of choice on one side of the room and the speakers on the other, without a problem.

Sound-wise, these speaker-sets pack quite a punch for their respective sizes; they will easily provide all the volume and definition needed for that impromptu braai, laptop movie-night or even full-on corporate presentation.

Another point of note: you won't have to break the bank for these speakers, as you can easily pick up any of them for anything between R400 and R800.

So what are you waiting for, shop the ShoX range at CNA today!


Johan Charlier