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Your best workout ever!

These days, with our hectic lifestyles, we need to be more aware of our health and fitness to keep energy levels going and our bodies in tip-top shape.


CNA wants to help you live your best life by being in the best shape – body, mind and soul. We find that staying positive and having clear ideals help the mind to be in a constant state of peace, which is a good start to getting fit. See our list of mantras; which should be slotted into the first part of your morning:

· I am amazing

· The best time for a new beginning is now

· Yesterday is done, today is the day

· I am grateful – I have more than most

· Happiness is key

· Today I will not complain

Once you’ve chanted one, some, or the entire list of good vibes, then you are ready to feed the body with even more positivity. Not everybody loves to workout vigorously, train, or go to the gym, but we do need to get fit – think about ways to get your blood pumping that work for you.

Try one of these:

· Get a skipping rope or hula hoop and channel your inner child

· Take your dog for a run on the beach

· Put on the music that always gets you dancing up a storm (when nobody’s watching)

We have some great music at CNA; which we know will get you dancing, release the best happy feelings, make you sweat; and of course, keep you in the best shape of your life!

· DJ Clock – The second tick

· Lady Gaga – Born this way

· One Direction – Made in the am

· Now 68

Now that you have danced to the beat and feel like a superstar, you have just fed your soul!

Happy fitness!


Martine Hendricks