Die Uil in die Ysbos

Susan Coetzer



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Gracie-Jane Coetzee’s first-born grandchild arrives just in time for the presidential announcement of a national lockdown. Gracie, writer, and illustrator of children’s books, is not exactly what you would call a
conventional grandma. She prefers the company of her basset hound, Sad Sack, above any other relationship in her life. At night, when she is in the grip of insomnia triggered by guilt and anxiety, she
self-medicates with a drink or two . . . She longs to be a part of her new grandson’s life, but first, she must mend the broken relationship with her son, JJ.

Whilst the whole world is on pause, Gracie embarks on an inward journey to confront the shadows of her past and finally arrives at a place of peace and forgiveness. Susan Coetzer’s new novel is a purely delightful reading experience. The finely nuanced plot delivers beguiling characters and a treasure
trove of humor and wisdom.

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