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From Bridal Designer to Bride / A New Foundation

Kandy Shepherd / Rochelle Alers



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"From never… to forever?
When her usually shy foster pup, Daisy, befriends gorgeous billionaire Josh Taylor, bridal designer Eloise Evans is just as smitten. Quickly, coffee turns to dinner, turns to…Josh as her fake fiancé?! With a bridezilla trying to destroy her business, Josh offers to help. But pretend kisses soon lead to real passion and these two commitment-phobes start wondering – what if they do want the fairy-tale after all?

He’s the man with the plans. But she’s calling the shots
After escaping an abusive marriage, Sonya Rios-Martin is determined to live an independent life. The generous job offer from Taylor Williamson is more than the architectural historian hoped. And so is her attraction to model-turned-project engineer Taylor. Balancing work and dating the boss is tricky. A loving relationship, like a lasting home, starts with a strong foundation – so watch for the cracks."

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