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Prooi - Deon Meyer (Paperback)

Prooi - Deon Meyer (Paperback)
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It’s a case that neither Griessel nor Cupido asked for. A cold case, weeks old . . . that of Johnson Johnson, excop, whose body was found next to the railway track outside Drie Susters. The SAPS has done them no favours, and now the Hawks have to clear up the unholy mess. Two suspicious passengers on board the world’s most luxurious train – from which Johnson apparently jumped – have disappeared into thin air. And the arrogant officers of the BBP Protection Unit are lying through their teeth. In Bordeaux Daniel Darret enjoys his newfound calm. He thought he’d left his old life behind, no longer an international hit man, but now he is left with no choice but to become a hunter again. His prey: the corrupt president of his motherland. Can the Hawks thwart the assassination attempt? Can Daniel evade the relentless Russian agents tracking him with murderous intent? And will Bennie Griessel survive it all so that he can finally ask Alexa Barnard to marry him? 








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