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Oxford South African Secondary School Dictionary Grade 8 - 12

Oxford South African Secondary School Dictionary Grade 8 - 12
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Meeting every learners needs and all the curriculum requirements, this superb user-friendly dictionary was specially developed for South African learners in Grades 8 to 12. Packed with valuable information and on-the-spot guidance. Finally, an indispensable reference section provides: information on irregular verbs; spelling rules; the history of English; a range of useful diagrams, illustrations and charts and more. Features 45 000 words and phrases, including superb coverage of key concepts from the curriculum, such as assessment standard, biome, orthophotograph, Randlord, xerophyte an exceptionally clear layout, meaning learners will find what theyre looking for quickly! accurate, up-to-date and relevant definitions that promote speaking, reading and writing skills, leading to exam success simple pronunciation guides for difficult or unusual words, e.g. calyx /kay-liks/ word origins for thousands of words, from languages as diverse as Latin, Khoikhoi, and Ronga new words and meanings from South African English and beyond: biodiversity, browser, genetically modified, Internet, khalifa, nucleosynthesis, tik, vuvuzela guidance on writing better exams, essays, and study notes word-building using prefixes and suffixes tips on understanding and interpreting line and bar graphs a quiz including a range of activities and answers.




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