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Laptop And Tablet Cleaning Kit

Laptop And Tablet Cleaning Kit
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Super cleaning, sterilisation & dirt resistance

Cleans screens and keyboards

The Laptop & Tablet Cleaning Kit gently cleans and removes dirt, fingerprints and dust from flat panel displays and keyboards on electronic gadgets. The specially formulated cleaning gel safely cleans without harsh solvents or abrasives, while the soft microfibre cloth gently eliminates fingerprints and smudges from delicate surfaces. The anti-static brush removes dust and dirt particles from screens and gaps in your keyboard.


- Safe for frequent use on plastic and glass surfaces to restore and maintain brightness and clarity

- Ideal for use on the latest gadgets and home appliances

- Non-aerosol cleaner safely sterilises devices without harsh solvents

- Soft, lint-free microfibre cloth cleans, dries and polishes for a clear, streak-free finish

- Anti-static brush keeps screens and keyboards dust free


1 x Microfibre cloth (20cm x 20cm)

1 x Anti-static brush

1 x 60ml Cleaning gel




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