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Shox Duo Speaker (Black)

Shox Duo Speaker (Black)
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Product Details


Better when they’re together

Magnets in the base of each speaker enable you to simply ‘slot’ your speakers together for convenience and carry-ability.


shoX duo quick facts

  • First pocket sized stereo speaker
  • Incredible 8 hours of playback
  • Aux input - play MP3, MP3 & cellphone
  • Patented expandable bass cavity


Take your tunes

With an astounding 8 hours of battery life you can now enjoy mobile music made loud … when you need a charge simply plug your duo into your computer or wall plug using the shox USB adaptor.


Pocket sized

Stereos used to be shoulder sized…now they are pocket sized … shox duo, the first stereo mini speaker to fit snuggly into your pocket – weighing only 114g this lightweight contender packs all the punch you need.


Double Trouble

With 1.7 watts of power bursting out of each speaker, the shox duo is more than capable of meeting most of your needs. Pull it out of a pocket and plug it in to watch a DVD, or use in a presentation.






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