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Shox Groove (Black)

Shox Groove (Black)
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Turn it down for what?

With 2 potent primary speakers and a meaty passive sub woofer you’re definitely in for some stellar sound! shoX groove has a 10m range of flawless Bluetooth goodness that will totally transform your gaming, movie and music experience! Tablets, gaming consoles and smart phones will be brought to life through rich, true tone deep lows and shattering highs.

shoX groove quick facts

2 primary speakers & a passive sub-woofer
10m Bluetooth range
Up to 5hrs playback
Play, pause and control your tracks
USB charging port for your mobile phone
Take hands-free calls with the built-in mic

more tech specs

Time to go hands-free!

shoX groove is the king of cool with the latest in hands-free technology. Now you can take calls on your groovy new shoX speaker with the built-in mic!




Get your wireless groove on

shoX groove will keep your beats pop’n up to 5 hours straight! Power to control your tracks? It's all in your hands... play, pause, control your beats, and keep the groove going - hot diggity!

The life of the party...

Don’t you just hate it when your phone battery is on the brink of demise? Hook it up with the shoX groove nifty lil’ usb charging port.




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