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Sofia Dancing Sisters Playset

Sofia Dancing Sisters Playset
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When Sofia becomes Sofia the First, a princess of Enchancia, she must adapt to an extraordinary life of royalty and learn how to be a princess - inside and out! Along her journey, she receives help from her friends and family, including her new stepsister, Princess Amber. The two share a special bond, highlighted during the memorable scene when Princess Amber teaches Princess Sofia how to dance a royal waltz - just in time for her debut ball. Fans of the beloved Disney Junior series will love playing out this sweet bond between the two princess stepsisters.

With wheels tucked under their gowns, these two dolls are ready to dance the night away. Simply place the dolls on a hard surface and spin or twirl them to watch them glide across the floor with graceful movement. Double the dancing fun by linking the two dolls and twirling them together in an enchanting duet!

Princess Sofia and Princess Amber are royal-ready in their special ballgowns from the Disney Junior series. Princess Sofia’s billowing purple and white skirt mimics petals with a delightful design. Each beautiful ballroom fashion features sweet princess touches, including molded gloves and a matching tiara.
Girls will love re-creating that moment when the two stepsisters truly bond and become sisters - and best friends. Collect other Sofia the First dolls and accessories to expand the storytelling fun!
  • What's In The Box: Princess Sofia and Princess Amber dolls
  • Ballroom backdrop




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