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Magical Stories :Classic Treasury

Magical Stories :Classic Treasury
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Classic Treasury Magical Stories is a magical mixture of timeless short stories and exciting extracts, all accompanied by beautiful artwork and unique page decoration to really set kids' imaginations on fire! Each chapter in this collection of short stories for kids focuses on a different magical theme and features famous storytellers such as Lewis Carroll. Children can learn a great lesson in 'Mysterious morals' or be transported to some 'Magical places' where they will find that anything is possible!

Chapters and stories inside Classic Treasury Magical Stories:
• Curious Creatures chapter includes The Mermaid and the Boy, from Andrew Lang's Brown Fairy Book
• Wishes and Dreams chapter includes The Magical Mug, an extract from The King of the Golden River by John Ruskin
• Magical Places chapter includes Do you Believe in Fairies?, an extract from Peter Pan by J M Barrie
• Enchantments and Transformations chapter includes The Well of the World's End, from English Fairy Talesby Joseph Jacobs
• Mysterious Morals chapter includes Peter and the Magic Goose, from Fairy Stories and Fables by James Baldwin








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