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The Uncomfortable Truth

The Uncomfortable Truth
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Gayton McKenzie knows a thing or two about woman. But what he could never quite understand was how reluctant so many woman seem to be to face up to the uncomfortable realities about men, themselves and their relationships. Not knowing and accepting these ‘truths’ can get woman into deep trouble, cause heartache and result in even greater damage. Because a woman who accepts a man’s obvious lies - or lies to herself about the kind of man she's with and the kind of relationship she’s in - will always get hurt. Gayton McKenzie has young daughters. This is the book he would want them to read - to warn them against the kind of man he has so often been himself. As Gloria Steinem once said: "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off." So what you will read in this book may be uncomfortable. But it will make you ask the hard questions about yourself...and men. It will also sometimes make you laugh and ultimately give you hope that you can find the love you really need and the love you truly deserve.








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