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Westlife - World Of Our Own

Westlife - World Of Our Own
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The boys take a major artistic leap forward with their end of the year 2001 extravaganza recorded in London, Ireland and Sweden. Includes a heartfelt cover of Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel'.

  1. Queen Of My Heart

  2. Bop Bop Baby

  3. I Cry

  4. Why Do I Love You

  5. I Wanna Grow Old With You

  6. Evergreen

  7. World Of Our Own

  8. To Be Loved

  9. Drive

  10. If Your Heart's Not In It

  11. When You Come Around

  12. Don't Say It's Too Late

  13. Don't Let Me Go

  14. Walk Away

  15. Love Crime

  16. Imaginary Diva

  17. Angel

  18. Imaginary Diva

  19. Angel




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